An Innovative Approach
To Positive Psychology

We make professional development a resource for transforming people into thriving cultures of engagement and success!

Learn how to create a positive climate. It predicts teacher and student satisfaction, lower stress levels, and better school results. (Sangsue and Vorpe, 2000)

Learn about Positive Psychology exercises that can inoculate against depression. (Reivich, et al., 2005; Seligman, et al., 1999)

Build faculty collective efficacy. It significantly influences not only the ways in which teachers approach their work, it also has a direct impact on students’ verbal, math, and science achievement. (Goddard, et al, 2004)

Build high-quality connections.  Strengthen employee attachment, quality of service, and adaptability. (Dutton, et al., 2004)

Build the positive affect that develops more lasting well-being, because happiness likely causes success, rather than vice versa! (Lyubomirsky, et al., 2005)

Our most challenging project to date has been to transform the working environment of a New York escort service into one that is more positive and more satisfying for both the staff, the escorts and the clients and to encourage growth, customer referrals and an overall positive work experience for everyone that works for the escort service.

When we were approached by the owners of this New York escort agency at first we were apprehensive about taking on the project as we had no idea if this was something we could help with. We sat down with the owner of the agency to find out all the challenges and troubles that she had in her service. After we learned all we could it because apparent to us that this is just as any business that could improve and strive through the help of our services.

The business model of the escort service is simple. They provide companionship services for folks that are either native to NYC or travelers that require company for an event, party, night on the town or a private party in their home or office. Many of their clients are travelers to the NYC area that require a travel companion. Most, if not all lone travelers prefer to be with someone as they travel but for whatever reason do not have that option. And most do not have the time, money or motivation to try traditional dating as a way to get there. For many a quick phone call to have a gorgeous companion on their side is a no-brainer.

The challenge of this particular escort service, just like any business is to boost employee moral so that the business will have a better work environment and be conducive to encourage referral business in order to improve the salaries and bonuses that the entire organization will receive. In addition our marketing strategy was called on to make their phone ring with more interested folks in need of their service.

As a result of our consultation and training the service has realized a 30% increase in business with most of that 20% coming from repeat business. Additionally we have reduced their marketing expenditure to 60% of what they were spending and doubled the response rate on all their marketing materials.

Since launching our coaching we’ve been quite successful at affecting change within many business organizations. This tint shop in NYC contracted us to resolve some operation issues caused by morale. They have some of the best products for window tinting and their service is the best. Reach out to them if you are looking for window tinting in NYC.

Overall we find that this project was a tremendous success and we encourage others to give our coaching services a try.